A Sorry Excuse for a Quiz

I used to host occasional quizzes, but not any more. However, I still think up quiz questions now and then. I'll tweet them and record them here, including the first person to answer correctly.


QuestionDate & Time AskedAnswerWinnerDate & Time Answered
1Which continent covers the most time zones?22 July 2013 22:18Reveal@tylochan22 July 2013 22:20
2In 1999 a part of a foreign country was transferred to Scotland, but returned in 2002. Which was the foreign country?23 July 2013 19:48Reveal@tommy_ball23 July 2013 19:48
3Which is the only current senior Scottish football club to have never played a match at Ibrox?23 July 2013 21:17Reveal@gerry_423 July 2013 21:18
4E,N,S,W apply to 1. B,G,L,M apply to 4 others. D applied to another though it's no longer part of the whole. Single letter whats?24 July 2013 21:51Answer
53 countries are enclaves. That is they are completely surrounded by another country. What are they?24 July 2013 22:04Reveal@ocicat_bengals24 July 2013 22:07
6What am I most likely to do 15 times with one hand and 5 times with the other?25 July 2013 19:30Answer
7Why is the South-West of England European Parliament constituency the largest in the UK?26 July 2013 11:30Reveal@elliotkane27 July 2013 09:14
8How are Scotland, Russia, Venezuela, France, Australia & Bulgaria connected to Wimbledon? NZ's not, tho' you'd think it was. Not tennis.28 July 2013 20:45Reveal@tylochan28 July 2013 20:53


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Web designer with Plexus Media in Cromarty in the Scottish Highlands.
Middle aged, married to Susan, grown up kids.
Books: SF, especially Jack Vance
Music: 1980's Scottish, Associates, Fire Engines etc
Currently Alex Winston, Jenny & Johnny, The Drums, Best Coast
I've read Private Eye for decades